Teachers: 3 tips to start increasing your impact on learning

Teachers aiming to improve their instructional practice should consider checking out the work of John Hattie and Deb Masters.

As a teacher wanting to improve student learning, I have always searched for ways to improve my own and others instruction, visible learning presents approaches that assist this whilst focusing on what matters most.

Professor John Hattie released his ingenious study resulting in a ground-breaking book Hattie (2009) Visible Learning where he identified and ranked 138 influences related to learning outcomes ranging from positive to negative effects on achievement.

Top 5 ranked influences related to student achievement

  1. Self-report grades
  2. Piagetian programs
  3. Providing formative evaluation
  4. Micro-teaching
  5. Acceleration

“Know thy impact”-John Hattie


Deb Masters of Visible Learning Plus highlighted 4 questions to help pin down what children are really learning to assist knowing thy impact.

  1. Does your school discuss, in detail, precisely what you want the impact of any changes to be?
  2. Do your teachers have common conceptions of progress?
  3. Do all educators in the school believe their main role is to evaluate their impact?
  4. What is the impact of teaching in your school and how do you know?

Drawing on these two articles and my experience in the classroom, I have listed three actions that you should take to become leaders in making learning visible in their school.

  • Partnerships – find a like minded colleague to share your journey delivering and reflecting on Hattie’s influences
  • Start now – There are many already using Visible Learning to enhance their teaching and impact on learning
  • Discuss – your successes, impact and risk taking that is backed by research

Starting today, you need to be examining your practice and using visible learning to focus on what matters for maximum impact on learning.

book stair


 I am passionate about using research-backed approaches to increase impact on learning. Feel free to reach out or connect with me at @BKersing


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